Ellie Audette

SRJC student and Miss Sonoma County pageant competitor

Portrait photo of SRJC student Ellie Audette wearing a letterman grey and blue jacket Eliana “Ellie” Audette finished her first three years of high school at Buckingham Collegiate Charter Academy in Vacaville and then graduated from Sonoma Valley High School. She now navigates her way through Santa Rosa Junior College (SRJC), driven by a profound love for animals and a desire to make a meaningful impact. Ellie dreams of contributing to animal welfare, envisioning active involvement with organizations like the Humane Society and Pets Lifeline, and collaborating with other organizations that help preserve endangered species.

During high school, Ellie actively engaged in the Neurodivergent Club, a welcoming community that celebrates differences. This involvement sparked her fascination with analyzing animated characters, drawing parallels with autism, clinical depression, ADHD, and bipolar disorder. Her passion transitioned into her college experience. As an autistic individual, Ellie has first-hand experience navigating the challenges posed by social media and fandoms. She was inspired to carve out a digital space specifically for neurodivergent people, advocating for the celebration of the inner child, play, and authenticity.

Ellie uses her online presence to challenge stereotypes used in social media. Beyond just enjoyment, she transforms her outlet into a platform for authenticity, encouraging individuals to embrace their uniqueness and speak up for important causes while sharing with the public.

At SRJC, she is a participant in College to Career (C2C), a Disability Resources program creating opportunities in Career Education leading to meaningful employment. “I appreciate Mary and Katie, my coaches from C2C, who make sure I am not overwhelmed & change my schedule if necessary," she says.

Within the C2C program, her mentors and coaches guided her academically and inspired her to venture into an exciting new challenge—the 2024 Miss Sonoma County pageant. This is Ellie’s first venture into the world of pageantry. She hopes the scholarship offered to the winner may help her with education expenses, and she aims to grow her online community through this unique experience.

Ellie also values the support from SRJC's Student Health Services, particularly the accessibility of drop-in counseling sessions. Grateful for these resources, she finds solace in knowing she can seek guidance when needed, shaping a college journey that's uniquely hers. 

- Miss Sonoma County competition photos by Mindy Breslin Photography. -

SRJC student Ellie Audette competing for Miss Sonoma County in various outfits: pink evening dress, black dress, martial arts attire, sports outfit.