Francesco Origgi

President of the SRJC International Student Club

Portrait of Francesco Origgi

Francesco Origgi is originally from Peru, and SRJC is the first school he has attended in the United States. His parents are from Peru and he has family from Italy, and because of this, he is fluent in three languages. He emphasizes what an inspiration they have been to him. Since he was a boy, he remembers going to his father's business office in Peru and, while playing on his computer, pretending to work alongside him. “For me, it was work,” he jokes. This helped him learn about human relations at a young age and develop a passion for it.

Later he became a key member of the nonprofit Pura Voluntad, a social aid movement and voluntary support group in Santiago de Surco, Peru. He also volunteered to help with the Yearly Olympic Competitions held at the large high school he attended.

When Francesco first arrived at Santa Rosa Junior College, he was a bit shy due to all the cultural differences. However, he quickly found a home in the International Club, which helped him feel more comfortable. He loved how diverse the group was, and after some time he began to open up and feel less homesick. He decided to run for club president his last year here.

As president of the International Club, Francesco strives to create a welcoming environment for everyone, regardless of their personality type. He appreciates the differences within the group and ensures everyone feels welcome by organizing inclusive games to break the ice and foster closer bonds within the club. One of his successful initiatives was securing permission to use Bailey Field every other weekend for soccer games, as he knows many international students enjoy the sport as much as he does. “I love soccer, I live soccer, I AM SOCCER!” he exclaims proudly. Francesco aims to make this a regular occurrence for the club, even planning yearly tournaments.

Currently, he is pursuing an associate’s degree in Business Administration. One of his SRJC instructors, Roy Gattinella, made a lasting impression with his engaging and influential teaching style. Jerome Fleg, faculty in the Music Department, also acted as a mentor, offered support, and encouraged his musical interests. This inspired Francesco’s participation in SRJC's CARPA, a Latinx talent show, where he showcased his singing and guitar skills. He observed a key difference between the education systems in the United States and Peru, noting that SRJC allows for life events to happen, whereas, in Peru, academic pursuits can be rigid, regardless of personal circumstances.

While completing his studies at this college, Francesco also participates in the work-study program in the ESL department at the Roseland campus, helping others progress in their language learning.

Today, his childhood dreams are gradually transforming into reality as he pursues his ambitions more seriously. He remembers work-play in his father's office and says, “I get to experience it all over again, by myself, and I like that a lot.” He plans on moving to Italy after he leaves SRJC and will continue his studies at the University of Bologna, in Italy. His father also recently moved his company there, so a heartfelt reunion is in their near future. Francesco also misses being close to his mother, whom he admires tremendously: "I always find strength in her joyful disposition and positivity with which she sees the world. She has been my inspiration for living a life without worrying very much, focused on the present, and working hard for what I aspire to be.