Veronica King

Vice President and Santa Rosa Market Manager, Bank of Marin

“I had a taste for business, so I enrolled myself in the business management program at SRJC and fell in love with each class. What is great about the JC is that you get the elective classes, and you explore hobbies and other interests. I focused on human studies, took some speech classes, took a drama classand it all enhanced my skills in the business world. I took classes at the Petaluma campus, at the Santa Rosa campus and online, and I don’t think there was a single class I did not enjoy.” 

Head and shoulder portrait of smiling woman in a suit against an oak tree background

The daughter of a San Francisco firefighter and entrepreneur, Veronica King was raised in Sonoma Valley and at the age of 12, started helping her dad‘s small sales business. She loved the entrepreneurial environment and knew that in order to succeed, her work needed to be complemented and improved by a formal business education. She started at a 4 year university, but didn't feel that it was right fit for that stage of her life. She immersed herself in work, focusing initially on the hospitality industry, but then found herself working as a teller at a large commercial bank. Having found her career path, she knew it was time to reconsider a college education.

"I was privileged to work with great mentors who helped me identify my strength in soft skills, but realized I would greatly benefit from a degree. Growing up in Sonoma County, I had always heard great things about SRJC. With family support and guidance, I obtained a Doyle Scholarship and started taking Business Management classes. I knew right away what I wanted to study and enjoyed each and every class, solidifying my aptitude for management.”

The first in her family to attend SRJC, Veronica learned a broad array of work and life skills, building the confidence she needed to thrive in the business world. Veronica went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in Business Management. She's spent 12 years in banking, and is now Vice President and Santa Rosa Market Manager for Bank of Marin.

Veronica has given back to the community in other ways, building up an impressive record of volunteer work. Veronica serves on the board of directors for the Volunteer Center of Sonoma County and sits on an additional ten (yes, ten!) committees for various non-profits. She strives to make a difference, and believes that education helps provide the power to choose. “I am so proud to be an alumni of SRJC, and I hope that one day my three children will also attend.